Black Voice

The History of Motown

By: Sydnee Walcott During the 1960s there were political changes that were enacted during the Civil Rights Movement. Approaching the end of segregation, the rise of the Black Power Movement emerged and people began to notice many Black figures become more prominent within the entertainment industry. These efforts were recognized through a record label that […]

Moments Where Musicians Shut Down Racist Moments

By: Sydnee Walcott   Celebrities are people with large platforms. They entertain their viewers through various creative mediums such as acting, music, and comedic acts. However, there are some artists who do more than entertain their audiences.    It is not uncommon for celebrities to use their platforms to bring awareness to social issues. There have been […]

Iconic 80s Songs By Black Artists

By: Sydnee Walcott The 1980s was a memorable decade, filled with fun entertainment, talent, and laughter. The voluminous hair, eccentric makeup, vibrant hats, and colourful clothing, made the 80s unforgettable.   This generation embodied pop culture that offered some of the most iconic movies like E.T., to groundbreaking television shows like The Cosby Show.   The 80s […]


By: Lavanya Kathirgamanathan  Freedom for me  Is not always   Granted.  I always wonder,  How would it be?  Then again,  I am dark skinned  Not a lot of   Good outcomes.  For my skin colour  Or the way I look  Right now,   My mind is thinking,  Intrusive thoughts,   Yelling,   Screaming.  Reasoning with myself that  It is okay, […]

Poetry: My Brown Skin 

By: Lavanya Kathirgamanathan  My Brown Skin  Born with power  Melanin queen  Every day, every hour  People may look at me  But that is fine  Ignorance is bliss  And this skin is mine for life.  My Brown Skin  Holds truth and fear  Sometimes it worries me  What might be near,  Racism, Colourism, Discrimination, and more,  Why […]

The Life and Legacy of Harry Belafonte

By: Priscilla Wiredu On May 2, 2023, Olympic Medalist Frentorish “Tori” Bowie died after experiencing complications from childbirth.   Bowie was eight months pregnant at the time of death with a well-developed fetus when she was going into labor.   Reports claim that Bowie may have been having respiratory distress as well as eclampsia; a condition where […]

Relatable Issues School Daze Touches On

By: Sydnee Walcott Films provide an escape from reality among its viewers. Films exemplify life issues and include topics that everyone can relate to whether that is relationships, family, work, trauma, and health.   Spike Lee is a renowned filmmaker who uses his platform to explore thought-provoking themes throughout his films.   A common plot Lee likes […]

Five Books for Black Boys 

By: Priscilla Wiredu  When it comes to literature, it is important to provide Black boys with a space to express their perspectives. Providing Black boys with an equal voice will allow publishing companies to recognize that these unique stories can offer meaningful insight on different topics and positively influence acceptance within society.   A thought provoking […]