Black Voice



Land Acknowledgement

Dear Readers, 

Canada is a representative democracy that abides by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms (1982). The Charter serves as a moral compass to guide our decisions fairly. This strong piece of legislation is what binds our society together with laws that enforce equal rights among all races, genders, and sexualities. 

Given our past treatment of Indigenous people, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada aims to acknowledge Indigenous rights and injustice. The pain, sacrifice, and struggle that Indigenous people have fallen victim to is what has led us to enjoy our righteous life full of splendour and utmost freedom. The amendments enacted aim to strengthen reconciliation among the Indigenous tribe. 

Black Voice respects the land Indigenous people have inhabited, given their dire struggle. We recognize the strong foundation this tribe has built for our future generations enriched in culture, heritage, and sustainability practices. The land we live on is vested in both peace and security that is not overlooked.

We acknowledge that the land we are meeting on is the traditional territory of many nations including the Mississaugas of the Credit, the Anishnabeg, the Chippewa, the Haudenosaunee, and the Wendat peoples and is now home to many diverse First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples. We also acknowledge that the land we are meeting on is covered by Treaty 13 with the Mississaugas of the Credit.

The Black Voice publication appreciates the platform it has been given and aims to illustrate a powerful voice of inclusion. Our privilege to illustrate the diverse stories of Black people fuels our desire to fight for equal representation to achieve solidarity, in hopes to instigate legitimate change. 

It is our deepest commitment to bring awareness to these stories to achieve acceptance and prevent cultural genocide from reoccurring. We do not take our platform and this opportunity to express our voice, culture, emotions, and experiences with our audience for granted. We take pride in knowing our audience can accept and relate to the vulnerable stories we illustrate.

The Black Voice Team