Black Voice was born out of the passion to give others a voice

Here at Black Voice, we want to create a platform and community that promotes the positive representation and voice of Black people in Canada.

Black Voice is an online platform where we create connections, mentor, and empower other black people. We use our platform to feature a wide variety of content produced by Black such as images, articles, and creative works that will promote black excellence, achievement, and businesses.

Our content is created by Black people, for Black people, so we hope this platform will also create a space where important and relevant issues and events in the Black community can be acknowledged and addressed and Black writers and creatives can have their talents featured and celebrated.

At Black Voice, we strongly believe that “we are stronger when we are together”. We hope to bring the community together through our carefully curated content, resources, and directory list which we hope will leave the reader feeling empowered, connected, and represented.

Meet The Team

Editor Team


Amanda Owusu

Amanda Owusu is Managing Editor at Black Voice. She is currently a law student at the Faculty of Law at the University of Windsor. Amanda is an avid writer, researcher, and advocate who is passionate about creating positive change in her community. Before becoming Managing Editor at Black Voice, Amanda worked as a writer for the Ontario Learning Development Foundation's other publication, the Newcomer. Amanda's hope is for Black Voice to be a platform that empowers and creates connections in the Black community through its varied content. When Amanda is not working, she is exploring other countries and their cultures or somewhere with her nose in a book. You can keep up with Amanda by following her on Twitter @AmandaOwusuLaw.

Iyanuoluwa Akinrinola is a contributing editor at Black Voice. She is a lifelong learner, an avid reader, and a growing writer. As an educator (M.Ed.), speaker, and writer; identity, self, and self-worth, are some of the topics Iyanu teaches using workshops, events, and program development. Teaching, speaking, and writing has enabled her to work with various local and global organizations in the area of community development and advocacy. These organizations serve individuals from marginalized communities, individuals with special needs, and youth who have no access to basic social services like educational support, health care, or job training. You can follow Iyanu's blog at


Iyanuoluwa Akinrinola


Hamid Siddiqi

Hamid Siddiqi is the creative editor for Black Voice. He is currently studying Interactive Media Design at Algonquin College. He is very passionate about the multimedia industry, and he enjoys using his creative skills to make a huge difference. Hamid is also an avid runner, a huge soccer fan, and loves to go outside to explore nature with his DSLR camera. He hopes that he can one day travel around the world to explore many different places.

Hadiyyah Kuma is the copy editor at Black Voice. Hadiyyah is a Guyanese creative writer, editor, and freelancer. Her goal is to uplift the work of racialized people in every sphere and share her passion for storytelling and community-building with the world.


Hadiyyah Kuma

Writing Team


Emily-Rose Njonde

Emily-Rose Njonde is a writer at Black Voice. Emily-Rose is a 2nd-year student at McGill University. She has always had a passion for reading, writing, and Black activism which has been demonstrated through her numerous commitments such as Vice President of Advocacy for McGill's Black Student Network, speaking on Wilfred Laurier University's Peace by Piece Black History Month panel, and being the first-year representative for McGill's African Student Society. She is particularly focused on Black women and modern-day media's effects on culture.

Yanet Mengistie is a writer at Black Voice. Yanet is an experienced writer, researcher, and creative who is ready to hit the ground running with Black Voice. Driven by having previously worked as a Content Writer for a company that sought to uplift small businesses in Northern Canada, she takes joy in using her writing to uplift small or marginalised voices. As a Writer with Black Voice, her goal is to combine this passion for small businesses with this publication's mission of empowering Black individuals across Canada. Yanet is committed to ending the marginalization of Black Canadian perspectives and opinions. She hopes to bring Black excellence, concerns, or hot topics to the forefront through her work with Black Voice.


Yanet Mengistie


Ife Olusegun

Ife Olusegun is a writer at Black Voice. Ife is extremely excited to be joining the OLDF Family, and working as an author/writer for the Black Voice magazine! Coming from Alberta, and having recently graduated with a Bachelor in Neuroscience, writing is one of her many passions and she feels fortunate to be able to contribute to an amazing cause! Having quite a bit of a background in publication and the arts, Ife is eager to share her voice on topics relating to the black community while simultaneously intertwining her pieces with her personal experience. Ranging from topics about spirituality, and black history, to literary pieces and art critics, you will have a number of articles to look forward to reading from her!

Jérémie A. Kathalay is a writer at Black Voice. Jérémie is a poet and writer currently attending Sheridan College in the journalism program. He is an adamant speaker on social change in the Black community and uses his writing to reach people of all backgrounds. With his love of journalism and writing, he hopes to someday achieve the goal of having his own network of media to tell accurate information to the public.


Jérémie Kathalay


Priscilla Wiredu

Priscilla Wiredu is a writer at Black Voice. Priscilla is a gifted writer whose articles have made a great contribution to our website. A York, Humber, and Seneca alumni, she is seasoned in many areas of study. When she’s not working on her amazing articles or studying, she’s playing with her pet rabbit or browsing Reddit. She is also left-handed.

Veracia Ankrah is a writer at Black Voice. Veracia is a music and culture journalist and a walking contradiction–a womanist and hip-hop enthusiast. She likes to think of herself as the hypothetical love child between Lauryn Hill, Living Single’s Maxine Shaw, and Grey’s Anatomy’s Christina Yang. You can find her work in Huffington Post Canada, The National Post, Pitchfork, Exclaim!, Hot New Hip Hop, and more. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram @veeeracity.


Veracia Ankrah

Social Media Team


Elani Phillips

Elani Phillips is the Social Media Coordinator for Black Voice. Having been raised in Dubai and travelled around, she's been surrounded by many different cultures and traditions. Even though she is no longer in school, she considers herself a life learner and is constantly open to learning new things and taking on new challenges. When not working or learning, she's relaxing with her dog and cat on the couch since she's an avid tv show watcher and always had a show on the go.

Gender-Based Violence Team


Bethany Bair

Bethany Bair is a contributing writer at Black Voice, a part of our Gender-Based Violence Project. Bethany is currently studying Linguistics at York University and is a Jamaican-Canadian editor and writer. Her passion for civil rights guides her to being involved in various nonprofit organizations. From creating designs to producing music she has a love for anything within the arts. Bethany aspires to conduct research on the origins of the African diaspora dialects and go into the career field of Speech Pathology. In her spare time she enjoys baking and cooking for her loved ones and she can promise you they always ask for more.

Amy Fournier is a contributing writer at Black Voice, a part of our Gender-Based Violence Project. Amy is a recent graduate of York University’s creative writing program. She learned to write using a variety of forms such as creative nonfiction, literary fiction, and poetry. However, she has recently gained experience in journalism as well by writing articles for the Youth Mind publication. She is passionate about mental health and well-being, cultivating kindness, and caring for her plants! When not writing or doing research you can find her at a café sipping milky coffee and reading a comforting book.


Amy Fournier


Alyssa Bravo

Alyssa Bravo is a contributing writer for Black Voice, a part of our Gender-Based Violence Project. She enjoys movies, sports, and music. When she's not writing or working, you can probably find her reading, baking, or looking for the next flight out of Toronto.

Alexandra Yeboah is a contributing writer at Black Voice, a part of our Gender-Based Violence Project. Alexandra is a writer based in Brampton, Ontario, Canada. Growing up as a child in Peel, Alexandra remembers accessing her father's book collection to read the many diverse biographies that lined his shelf. In fact, as she recalls, some of her brightest childhood moments revolved around stories. Today her work explores themes relating to social consciousness through multiple formats. As an avid storyteller and facilitator, Alexandra is keen on sharing about the beauty of storytelling and the amazing way it can bring communities closer together, build legacies and ultimately change lives.


Alexandra Yeboah


Kayla Empey

Kayla Empey is a contributing writer at Black Voice, a part of our Gender-Based Violence Project. A recent journalism graduate, Kayla is passionate about giving a voice to those who aren’t often heard. When she is not writing or editing, you can find her exploring new places or obsessing over Carrie Underwood. She always has a tea in her hand—at this point, she thinks chai runs in her veins.