Black Voice was born out of the passion to give others a voice

Here at Black Voice, we want to create a platform and community that promotes the positive representation and voice of Black people in Canada.

Black Voice is an online platform where we create connections, mentor, and empower other black people. We use our platform to feature a wide variety of content produced by Black such as images, articles, and creative works that will promote black excellence, achievement, and businesses.

Our content is created by Black people, for Black people, so we hope this platform will also create a space where important and relevant issues and events in the Black community can be acknowledged and addressed and Black writers and creatives can have their talents featured and celebrated.

At Black Voice, we strongly believe that “we are stronger when we are together”. We hope to bring the community together through our carefully curated content, resources, and directory list which we hope will leave the reader feeling empowered, connected, and represented.

Meet The Team

Editor Team


Amanda Owusu

Amanda Owusu is Managing Editor at Black Voice. She is currently a law student atthe Faculty of Law at the University of Windsor. Amanda is an avid writer, researcher, and advocate who is passionate about creating positive change in her community. Before becoming Managing Editor at Black Voice, Amanda worked as a writer for the Ontario Learning Development Foundation's other publication, the Newcomer. Amanda's hope is for Black Voice to be a platform that empowers and creates connections in the Black community through its varied content. When Amanda is not working, she is exploring other countries and their cultures or somewhere with her nose in a book.

Edden Yohanes is the Copy Editor at Black Voice. She is a recent publishing graduate from the Centennial College Book and Magazine Program, where shelearned the fundamentals of editing, fact checking and proofreading. Although she mainly works as an editor, she is passionate about all aspects of publishing—from the Word doc to the printer! She has a special interest in Ethics and Human Rights, and shehas a vested commitment to reforming Anti-Black racism in Ontario as a proud Black Woman. You can find what Edden is working on at any time at


Edden Yohanes


Brian Akin

Brian Akin is the Creative Editor at Black Voice. Brian is a graphic designer and illustrator that lives in Toronto. He has been illustrating since he was a kid, and has always had a passion for art. Brian uses whatever elements of design that I've learnedfrom art and applies them to my design work. Brian graduated in 2018 from George Brown College and has been taking on many freelance design jobs to help him gain more experience working with people. Brian is always looking for a new challenge and he wouldlike to work in a design studio or for a company.

Anjalli Bechar is the Contributing Editor at Black Voice. She is a political science and english graduate from the University of Toronto. She has had previous experience with writing amultitude of complex and interesting articles for The Medium. Her goal as a contributing editor at Black Voice is to effectively articulate the stories, perspectives, and voices of racialized people and make them feel heard.


Anjalli Becharbhai

Writing Team


Lavanya Kathirgamanathan

Lavanya Kathirgamanathan is a Writer for the Black Voice publication. She is a recent Journalism graduate from Toronto Metropolitan University. Lavanya is enthusiastic in her writing, and thrives to get better each time with her creative skills. She hopes that her articles created for Black Voice gets acknowledged and creates respectful and happy bonds within the Black community. When Lavanya isn't writing, she is usually taking pictures of new food she tries in the city of Toronto, and hopes to explore the world to try different cuisines. You can reach her on instagram @lavakathir or @lavaeats.

Yanet Mengistie is an experienced Writer, Researcher and Creative who is ready to hit the ground running with Black Voice. Driven by having previously worked as a Content Writer for a company that sought to uplift small businesses in Northern Canada, she takes joy in using her writing to uplift small or marginalized voices. As a Writer with Black Voice, her goal is to combine this passion for small businesses with this publication's mission of empowering Black individuals across Canada. Yanet is committed to ending the marginalization of Black Canadian perspectives and opinions. She hopes to bring Black excellence, concerns or hot topics to the forefront through her work with Black Voice.


Yanet Mengistie

Sydnee is a Writer for the Black Voice Publication. She is a 2020 graduate of Humber College’s Journalism program and looks forward to getting her start in the world of journalism.


Sydnee Walcott


Priscilla Wiredu

Priscilla is an avid Writer at Black Voice who loves to show her craft to any audience. She is creative, diligent, and hard working. She owns a pet rabbit with the intention of getting a dog soon. She is left-handed, loves horror movies, pizza, animals, and currently studying to get into law school. When she was small she wanted to be Sailor Moon.

Jewel Smaddar is a Writer at Black Voice. Jewel is a Sociology graduate from McMaster University with a passion for writing, philosophy, and research. Her biggest goal is to drive social change among marginalized groups. Throughout her university career, Jewel has gained extensive knowledge on the disparities the Black community continues to face, and is committed to promoting Black excellence. Writing and bringing awareness are key to creating a more equitable environment, however Jewel plans to take this a step further by earning her law degree in both Canada and the United States.


Jewel Smaddar

Social Media Team

Katrina Dela Cruz Avatar

Katrina Dela Cruz

Katrina Dela Cruz is the Social Media Coordinator for Black Voice. She's passionate about helping organizations grow their impact and create positive change in the world. She loves being in nature and tries to spend a lot of her free time outdoors, especially when the weather is nice. Some of the activities she enjoys are playing badminton with her friends, and taking long walks under the sun.

Web Development

Harsahib Matharoo is a Web Developer at Black Voice. He is currently studying Computer Engineering at McMaster University and is in his 4th year of studies. He is very passionate about Software Development and loves working on personal projects during his free time. Harsahib loves to use his development skills to create a positive impact on the society. He is a fan of soccer, basketball and cricket. He also enjoys bowling frequently. He hopes that he can travel around the world at some point to explore new cultures, traditions and famous landmarks.


Harsahib Matharoo