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Published on August 19, 2022.

By: Christie Survival Eyong

Does my power intimidate you?

Do I need to take a back seat so

You can sit comfortably in your masculine ego?

Is my education too much for you to handle?

Oh! Does my confidence upset you?

Does my fight for my rights mean nothing to you?

Is my body all that matters to you?

Am I a part of you or an object you can use as you please?

Because the last time I checked, I have your rib inside me.

Do I need to be what I am not so you can feel a little superior?


I am what the world has been waiting for,

And you cannot take that away by trying to put me “in my place.

“Where is my place?

In your kitchen?

Or as your servant, expected to obey you unquestioningly?

No! I am worth more.I was created for a purpose much greater than both of us.

You cannot keep me under your thumb because of your fear of inferiority.

You can have your masculinity.

But you will not use it to keep me from being all I was created to be


Mothers, my destination is not holy matrimony.

My future is not invested in, for me to become a housewife.

Marriage is not the end of my life.Merely a part of it.

And I am successful without it.

Please, do not pressure me into a lifetime’s mistake,

To celebrate with your friends on the wedding day.

I will get a partner if I want when I find somebody worthy.

And it could be after I turn thirty.

This does not mean I have failed, or I am trying to disgrace the family.

It also does not mean that something is wrong with me.

Do not be in such a hurry to hook me up with anybody.

My time will come before you know it.

Please, let me go about it the way I intend.


Men, stop trying to downgrade women.

Without us, this world would be mundane.

Please, support our movements to bring about change.

We are the ones that keep your little world running.
Instead of trying to take credit for it all, give us our due credit.


A time is coming when we will rise above your ego and insecurities.

A time where women who work twice as hard will would be rewarded adequately for their hard work.

One where women too will rule this world.

Not to intimidate you, but to be our true selves.

No more pretense.


We are powerhouses.

Nothing less!

Not beings that always need to be in their place,

Not “beauty with brains,

“But the backbone of the world system

Christie Survival Eyong is a multi-talented young lady from Nigeria. She is an aspiring writer and an undergraduate International Business student at Carleton University. In her spare time, she enjoys organizing, writing, dancing, reading, cooking, and loves fashion, music and spreading positivity. She is currently working towards a personal growth journey which she has learned an array of self-love concepts from. She has learned that one can be a work of art while being a work in progress and that one can show up as their most authentic self in a world that strives for perfection.

Christie has always found a passion for writing, especially as a form of expression. She views writing as a creative outlet that enables her voice to be heard. She holds closely to her heart the writing blog she launched in 2020, Rise Up. On her blog, every month, she shares creative pieces with her loyal readers. Her creative pieces are greatly inspired by her experiences and her curiosity about different subject matters. She writes in hopes of creating awareness, impacting lives, and making a difference in the world to leave it better than she met it. She can be contacted via her email

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