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Published on August 18, 2022.

By: Shamas “Rhapoetriaa” Berantuo

This daunting keeps haunting,

the wonder of a thought that has been brewing and been slowly bubbling

stewing in ponder in my mind pot.

When looking at me,

this billboard slate tells me from the conscious being state,

what do you see?


A shade that was born,

made into fruition,

to awaken melanated berries that will never lack in crop

Or something that attracts

the polar magnetic pathetic systematic racism

that has become automatic of putting my fellow brethren

under attack.

Crying for a change to stop the injustice,

Bringing the slavery pain era to a stop;

because it’s a norm that keeps occurring a lot.

Black is a proud walking external statement,

built our reputation on the land of our Indigenous ancestors.

Who have shared the abundance of their of legacies and milestones

We are the civilizations, the chosen ascensions, with trends and inventions.

That still carries throughout the dimensions of today the lens used to pave the way for the world’s compensation

This is a time of celebration for the lives that were severed and still seek justification.

A time of reverence with the benevolence of the commemoration of the history of our people’s freedom of emancipation.

Almost quadricentennial years and still counting the blessings of our supplication.

From the birth of the underground railroad and having a dream for us to be equally treated with respect when being seen as ourselves.

Defining the stereotypical barriers with excellence,

we are naturally gifted,

we do not even have to try.

We can never be duplicated or imitated,

this is for sure something money cannot buy,

They never wanted the real truth of our identity or talents,

so they narrated our “history” books with lies.

Many are woke to the true knowledge,

but ignorance is what they hunger for,

it’s to be hidden through the disguise.

Our shade, integrity and resilience are crafted in our experience of intelligent brilliance.

Rising above every chance to advance in a life full of success,

from the sacrifices made to earn the respect,

much measured, more valued, promising

and most of all favoured for our talents.

Hoping for a better era

that reigns in equality balance

of the constant tug of war challenge.

Faith and humility with patience have taught these virtuous behaviors.

Being two steps closer to the imaging future,

grounding the hopes of a new tomorrow we can never forget.

The true religion with the Saviour of grace

has given a new meaning to my race.

To earn our dignity for a place in society,

the new generation leaving an unremarkable trace.

We have come to carry on the igniting torch of a continuing history,

happening now more than ever at a rapid pace.

Tied in unity with a sense of community,

the desire of a better future of equal opportunity.

Black Lives Matter is more than the social’s hot commodity,

It is the reality of the economic stock investing in themselves as a main priority.

Breaking the barriers of the prejudice cults that were set for our minorities,

claiming our human rights with high authority.

Queens and Kings born into ancestral wealth,

the rarest diamonds and gold for this was the reason for being bought and sold.

From our various gifted shades of the sun

beam rays of gold.

Changing the chapters with a new generation,

watching the new series of episodes unfold.

Finishing what we started and where greatness has been shown and become.

From the rumors of the oppressions that has written us as dumb,

For we are all the true storytellers of this revolution providing and creating solutions.

This is only to sum up what it means to me to be Black.

Poetess: Shamas “Rhapoetriaa” Berantuo

Instagram: @Rhapoetriaa

Bio/ Who is Rhapoetriaa ? :

I use the name Rhapoetriaa because I feel as a poetess it’s describing the creativity of my poetry. The subtle blend of rhyming words and word play of rap but in a written/ spoken word form. I feel my poetry has a vehement but relatable perspective to our culture issues; along with daily worldly issues as well. I feel honored to be able to have this opportunity with Black Voice to share my love of poetry based on my poems within my community.

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