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By Shamas “ Rhapoetriaa” Berantuo

Posted on September 10, 2021

Being a darkskin woman is a triple threat to society, the most vulnerable and the last to protect.
Constantly getting fired at our chests and countless stepping on our necks.
I want to believe that there’s pureness in this world that we see,
Trying to be a successful girl, undeniably me.
Dealing with a government that keeps taxing my people’s minimum wage fees.
The greed is what feeds the Buddha of their bellies,
From the false religion they plaster on our social tellies.
Questioning the man above about the gift that I wear on my outside exterior:
Why is it a crime to be a “blessing”?
When our time is slaughtered from what we invest in?
Can’t clock out the history, trying to move forward and reset.
Infiltrated our communities and changed our ways of thinking,
Feeding us corruption through vices like smoking and drinking,
Ensuring that my people are a ship that never stops sinking.
See I’m really trying to do better, just a female go getter.
Persevering past society’s oppression in any weather,
My people, the strange, exotic fruit of this land,
United we fall, divided we stand
Attempting to break the shackles of unchanging hands,
I ask myself “when will this end?”
400 years of a mental curse,
From the rustic shackles, pierced flesh from the torched whips,
We got the worst of the worst
That isn’t something to pretend,
Look at the years we as a race have tried to mend,
A direction that seems we can’t quite bend.
Living a life where they think being you is a trend,
But when it’s time to trade real life experiences,
That’s not something they want to lend.
When they sing our songs and do our dances,
They don’t understand it’s something deeper than that,
That who we are is undeniably a fact,
To the kings and queens,
I hope for the day we can be unapologetically Black,
Not a breed designed to be attacked.
Our generation’s culture is lacking,
Our souls need a cleanse and spiritual fasting.
This is a pain that not even forgiveness can fix, it’s everlasting.
Fear and doubt are the devil’s mind games that try to assassinate our dreams,
Leaving us to question and to ponder.
My advice is to put your trust in the creator,
It’ll leave you in fierce wonder.
Children of resilience,
We are destined for greatness,
Conquering the odds,
Courageous and bold like thunder.
Now, is the time to lean on one another like unified neighbors,
For one love will bring us all to the Saviour.

Who is Rhapoetriaa?

I use the name Rhapoetriaa because I feel as a poetess it describes the creativity of my poetry. The subtle blend of rhyming words and word play of rap but in a spoken word form. I feel my poetry has a vehement but relatable perspective to our worldly cultural issues, along with daily personal issues as well. I feel honored to be able to have this opportunity with Black Voice to share my love of poetry.

Keep up with Rhapoetriaa by following her on Instagram @rhapoetriaa


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